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In 1971, Michel RIVAL (a pharmacist), created Laboratoire RIVADIS and the Rivadouce brand.


Rivadouce Bébé is the first baby range developed in order to meet the needs of maternities in France. Later, Laboratoire RIVADIS developed a range of skincare for critical care patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

Because skincare differs depending on age, Rivadouce guarantees the quality of its products by choosing the most respectful ingredients for skin types of every family member, and guarantees the safety of formulas adapted to the needs of skins at all ages of life.


ISE International represents quality products in the Industrial, Healthcare and Commercial sectors of the market. Established in 1998, ISE International began as a distributor in Industrial (Oil & Gas) products. Since then, ISE International has expanded rapidly and has since evolved into a regional business group with a well-diversified product portfolio. ISE International carries a full range of quality engineering components, from fluid power components to valves; and a wide range of healthcare consumables and commercial products from hand sanitizers and disinfecting products to skincare.  


The brands and products we represent are of the highest quality and we are devoted to providing the best products and premium service to our customers in the field, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction in our service and products.

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